Problem: International travelers are seeking unique dining experiences that connect with their interests in popular media, but may struggle to find establishments that cater to set-jetting or provide immersive themed experiences linked to their favorite shows or movies.

Solution: "Scene Cuisine" is a luxurious restaurant chain that creates upscale dining experiences inspired by iconic TV shows and movies. Each location is meticulously designed to replicate famous on-screen settings, complete with character-inspired dishes, themed entertainment, and immersive technology. Patrons can enjoy a narrative-driven meal that makes them feel part of the story.


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IndustryFood & Drink Services

UniquenessThe combination of fine dining, media fandom, and immersive technology creates a unique market niche. While themed restaurants exist, one offering a high-end experience replicating film scenes is less common. Entry barriers include the challenge of securing intellectual property rights and creating high-fidelity environments.

3%market share

Market shareAssuming an upscale "Scene Cuisine" can capture 3% of the international tourist food expenditure in targeted cities within 5 years could mean tapping into a market volume of $100 million - $200 million annually (based on average spending trends and projected tourism increases).

Expansion opportunities: (...)

Time to launch12-18 months

Ideal funding$5 million - $10 million (approx)

  1. Themed interiors modeled after popular film and TV show sets
  2. A menu featuring dishes inspired by on-screen cuisines, developed by celebrity chefs
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Roles neededinterior designer, chef, intellectual property lawyer, AR developer, marketing specialist, business analyst, hospitality manager

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Marketing strategy
  • Collaborations with film studios for cross-promotion and access to exclusive content
  • Targeted social media campaigns focused on fan communities of the chosen shows/movies
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Monetization options
  • Premium pricing for an upscale dining adventure
  • Merchandise sales from the exclusive souvenir shop
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Legal riskLicensing intellectual property from film studios is complex and could present significant legal challenges. As a solution, hiring experienced intellectual property lawyers and establishing strong relationships with studios can mitigate these risks.

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