Find your ideal customer.

Discover most relevant target segments and how to convert them
Learn your customers pain points, goals and habits

Position your product right.

Improve messaging to communicate your value
Get ideas for newsletters and pricing strategy
Create a Marketing Strategy

Combine industry
insights & AI to win competition

Use power of generative AI to get business insights.
Get better picture of your position in the market.

Persona &

Understand your customers better.
Create a detailed persona for your marketing:
Find motivation for your ideal customer
Get insights into demographics
Target more precisely
Find your customer

Break Down Target Segments

By bucketing your customers into segments, you can create personalized ads and messages that speak directly to them.

This not only saves you money but also makes your marketing efforts way more effective.

Plus, it helps build a loyal customer base who loves what you're offering.

Review Your Product Positioning

Defining product positioning helps you stand out in the crowded market, shows why your product is the best fit for customer needs.

It ensures that your message resonates with your target audience, building a stronger connection and trust.

Well-defined product positioning sets the stage for increased customer loyalty and improved sales by highlighting what makes your offering unique.


Finding value proposition of your business will tell your customers why your product or service is special.

It makes it easier for your future clients (like you) to understand what sets you apart from the competition and why they should choose you.

A strong value proposition builds trust and connection, making your brand more memorable and appealing.

Get a

Having various pricing strategies in your marketing plan gives you flexibility to attract different types of customers – some love a good deal, while others value premium quality.

Stay competitive by adapting to market changes and customer preferences. Test what works best for your business, keeping things fresh and appealing to a broader audience.

Create a Marketing Strategy