Problem: Livestock farmers face financial pressure and uncertainty due to fluctuations in feed prices, especially as geopolitical conflicts threaten the price of crops like corn, barley, wheat, and soybeans.

Solution: Introducing 'SmartPasture', an innovative feed optimization and livestock management platform that helps ranchers reduce dependency on traditional crops by incorporating alternative protein sources and improving grazing patterns. SmartPasture uses AI to analyze local alternative feed availability and merge them in real-time for cost efficiency while maintaining or improving nutritional values.


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UniquenessUnique in combining real-time pricing data, alternative feed source integration with an AI recommendation system tailored for livestock nutrition. There is a moderate number of competitors in ag-tech but fewer in precision livestock management with this scope.

1%market share

Market shareAssuming the platform attracts a widespread adoption within the European agricultural sector post-MVP (given the geopolitical tension on crop stability), capturing 1% of this market could mean about $100M in annual recurring revenue by year 5 based on the size of the EU livestock market and assuming a conservative average subscription fee per user.

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Time to launch4-6 months.

Ideal funding$100,000 - $250,000. (approx)

  1. Real-time feed price monitoring system to track local and global prices of essential crops.
  2. AI-powered alternative protein recommendation engine that suggests the optimal mix based on nutritional needs and cost savings.
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Roles neededData scientist, mobile app developer, agriculture supply chain expert, business development manager, customer support agent.

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Marketing strategy
  • Content marketing highlighting case studies where ranchers have saved on feed costs using SmartPasture.
  • Partnership with agricultural equipment suppliers as a distribution channel.
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Monetization options
  • Subscription-based model for ranchers to access the platform.
  • Premium features such as predictive analytics for future feed pricing trends.
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Legal riskRegulations on livestock feed composition might apply depending on the region. To mitigate this risk, the app should incorporate a feature to tailor recommendations within legal parameters. Continuous legal monitoring is required.

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