Problem: In the pulp & paper industry, excessive water and energy consumption, as well as chemical use, contribute to environmental degradation. The industry is seeking ways to minimize its environmental footprint.

Solution: Our idea establishes a consulting and implementation service that aids pulp & paper companies in integrating sustainable chemical management and transitioning to renewable energy sources, thereby improving their environmental impact and reducing costs in the long term.


environmental regulations sustainable technology supply chain management chemical safety expertise

IndustryPulp & Paper

UniquenessThe unique value proposition lies in the combination of sustainability practices with a tech-enabled analysis tool tailored specifically for the pulp & paper industry.

2-5%market share

Market shareWith aggressive marketing and robust partnerships, the MVP could aim to engage with 2-5% of small to medium pulp & paper companies seeking sustainability solutions within 5 years given the burgeoning market for eco-friendly industrial solutions.

Expansion opportunities: (...)

Time to launch3-6 months

Ideal funding$50,000 - $150,000 (approx)

  1. Sustainability Assessment Tool: A tool that evaluates a company's current practices and identifies areas for improvement in sustainability.
  2. Renewable Energy Transition Plan: A service providing tailored strategies for integrating renewable energy into companies' operations.
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Roles neededenvironmental consultant, developer, green chemist, supply chain specialist

Resource calendar: (...)

Marketing strategy
  • Content marketing focusing on case studies showing cost savings and environmental impact reduction.
  • Partnership with environmental organizations for credibility and networking.
  • (...)
Monetization options
  • Subscription fees for ongoing consulting services.
  • Licensing of the Sustainability Assessment Tool.
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Legal riskRisks involve ensuring compliance with all environmental regulations and proper handling of proprietary client data. Risks can be mitigated through regular audits and compliance updates.

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