Economy & Politics

The Economy & Politics industry encompasses a broad range of activities including economic analysis, political consulting, lobbying, and public affairs services. Historically, the industry has seen steady growth with increased demand for expert insights into economic policy and political strategy.

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This market is in the growth stage. The industry often experiences growth during election cycles and periods of significant legislative change. It is subject to economic fluctuations as businesses adjust their strategies based on the political climate. Current trends include data-driven decision-making and an emphasis on digital advocacy.
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Short-term: Continued growth due to upcoming elections and policy changes
Long-term: Steady increase as global political landscapes evolve and businesses seek specialized knowledge.
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Biggest players in the market:
  • Deloitte
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Eurasia Group
  • Control Risks
High demand services in the industry:
  • Economic forecasting
  • Political risk assessment
  • Lobbying services
  • Policy analysis
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Strict regulations govern lobbying activities, campaign finance, and political consulting. Licensing varies by region but typically includes compliance with ethics commissions. Business taxes are standard with additional scrutiny on contributions to political entities.
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